Hello all CSA Members....Update

Today and yesterday and the day before offered a bit of a reprieve from the heat and I don't know about you - but we sure needed it.....our plants needed it....the goats needed it.

So - here are a few CSA FALL 2015 Members Update...

1. if you haven't sent in your second half of your payment for your CSA membership - please send it in now.

2. We're working as hard as we can - volunteers are sweating and digging and seeding and weeding and (fingers crossed - prayers said) we'll have the first pick up date AS SCHEDULED - October 15th. That said - we MIGHT POSTPONE FOR ONE WEEK - until the 22nd of October. We will keep you posted. IF we postpone - of course you'll have 10 weeks. As most of you know, we're at the mercy of the season, the heat, God and everything else.

3. If you were on a waiting list - hang tight - you'll know by mid October if we can add you and include you in a Group B.

4. Can't wait to see you all again!

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