Trees, Onsite Workshops, Events and Potluck

Trees! Beauty! Shade!

The farm is looking LOVELY and lush and 54 trees - two kinds of mesquite and a about 8 Pakistan mulberry have been purchased with the $50 from you.  Many have been planting.  We asked for donations here.  30 trees? Nope - 54!!! Thank you thank you thank you!

Farm Style Potluck

To say THANK YOU, we decided to have a farm style potluck (everyone bring something to share and already Shaun and his wife are bringing pulled pork). We will provide something cold to drink, the plateware and silverware and the garden to gather in. If you want wine - bring your own. This potluck is for ALL those of have donated $ for a tree or two or three. (Sorry - no kids this time.) This potluck is ALSO for ALL those who have given of their time to PLANT these trees AND who are Joy and Michele's list of regular volunteers (that show up more than once a month).

We will NOT send an email invite to TREE donation people - rather you'll see a BLOG post announcing the date in June sometime. We're thinking either a Friday early evening or a Sunday late afternoon and this will most likely be held in the new garden space being created.

We WILL send an email invite to VOLUNTEERS. We feel so blessed at the outreach of the community to add to the beauty of our farm.

Many of you have made your donation in honor of someone special and Stacey will be working on those little plaques - we're hoping to have them by specific trees by the potluck.


Workshops are schedule again. This time - our workshops have to do with creating.

May 15th - Foraged Floral Design here.

 PC by Stephanie of    Life Created.

PC by Stephanie of Life Created.

May 17th - Cheese Making Workshop here.

May 22nd - Introduction to Floral Water Coloring here.

May 29th - Introduction to Food Photography (and more) here.


Because of nice press - local press and not so local press - our farm is fast becoming a place to host a farm to table dinner, experience some corporate team building, celebrate a birthday, baby shower, and take a garden tour.  Here is a recent post by The Meeting Magazine. One of the people who came for one of our team building days was interviewed about their experience.

The JDV hotels thought our caramels and our farm were worthy enough to write about and encourage visits to Scottsdale. That's nice! You can read the article here.

We are currently reserving farm and garden space into May of 2016. Contact us here for more info.

You can order our caramels online here and if you life in the Phoenix Valley - drop us a note via the contact form - place a request here (sea salt bourbon vanilla only) and we'll give you instructions how to do a "farm pick up." Also - our caramels are in several valley markets.

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