Something very special in May at our farm - The Create Series

Recently, I have had the pleasure of connecting with three very beautiful and creative women who are artists and skilled in areas of which I am not - but wish I were: photography, floral design and water coloring.

I have asked all three women to join me at the farm on three consecutive Friday mornings in May to share some specific "how to's" of their craft. I want you to be inspired. I want you to create beauty.

As they teach, I will serve you blueberry muffins, our farm coffee and mint/lemon water.

I truly want you to meet these artists and I would love for you to participate in one or two or all three of these workshops in this series. For this reason I have purposely kept the fee affordable so you'd not only come yourself but bring your mom or a friend.

So, come and tap into that creativity place in your soul - where beauty is just waiting to explode.

The Introduction to Foraged Floral Design is your first workshop of created beauty in this series. Details for all three are in this first The Create Series is here.

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