Quick Farm Life Update - Exciting News!

The first piece of exciting news is that we have had some early deliveries. Two first time mamas carrying triplets delivered early. Sometimes they just struggle to make it to the end. Molly delivered her babies and sadly we lost all three. Gigi surprised us by going into labor last Friday and she surprised us with triplets. The first little guy just didn't make it - but so far - the other two brothers are turning corners - slowly. They are being kept in our "sauna" - aka bathroom with a shower/creating steam for their undeveloped lungs. Both little guys are are trying to stand up - sucking OK (would like more - but being 12 days early - we're thankful for where they are at).


The other piece of exciting news is a hands-on basic gardening workshop with Joy. Its seems like half of Phoenix is waking up to the fun/need to begin to "grow their own food"...at least do it with some friends and then share what they grow.  Here's the scoop on this hands on workshop.

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