My Flowers, a Few Goats and One Gift Idea and Beauty Pauses

As we've just gathered and eaten (maybe too much) with loved ones for Thanksgiving -

and as our minds turn toward Christmas and Hanukiah

celebrating what that means to our families

I thought in this moment of the between,

I'd share some beauty from the farm (until the first freeze says hello and goodbye till spring).

I love photography and was given a Nikon D100 and have been enjoying capturing the essence of

beauty around our farm. Flowers, goats, caramels, people.

Do you know that it's so important to see and experience beauty?

When we take what I call a beauty pause - to breath and touch and experience -

we are given the gift of seeing what's important and what's not so important.

People. Learning to love. Respecting others. Caring and accepting.

Giving grace. Being humble. Asking about rather than telling about. Giving rather than taking.

Creating rather than destroying. It's in the beauty pause - in that moment where we begin to heal

and touch the throne of heaven and - well - actually begin to grow up.

Enjoy! Lylah

PS - One reason for Sabbath is to create of beauty pauses in life.

PSS - Please say hello in the comment section below.



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