The Craft of Cooking and French Farm House - Learning and Dining

 Chef Eric joined our farm team with his The Craft of Cooking Classes. You've learned how to make peach suzettes, how to use your knives, how to make a farm style omelet, how to make ratatouille, and a bunch more. Everything you've learned to make - you've enjoyed eating in a lovely, simple alfresco dining style. Learn to cook and eat what you just learned to cook.

On September 11th - Chef Eric will be teaching you how to use cast iron AND he's making his farm style cobbler in the cast iron and of course - all class participants will be devouring this work of art. Register here.

On September 25th, at 9 am - Chef Eric will be teaching you how to make those French Mother Sauces - and of course he'll prepare pasta or something - so you will taste all of them during your class. Register here.

Then at 10:15 or so - on September 25th - Chef Eric will be teaching you how to correctly debone and use every part of a whole chicken in his Chicken Fabrication class AND he plans to BBQ a chicken and you will be enjoying the feast of this chicken along along with some pasta and one of the Mother Sauces from the earlier class. Register here.

Introducing Chef Kirsten

We thought October 19th at 5:30 was a perfect time to introduce a new chef to the farm team by inviting you to alfresco in our farm courtyard. Right?! 

Chef Kirsten will be cooking up a French Farm House Theme and this first one will truly be a delightful fall dining experience at our farm.  Register here.

 pc: kansas city mamas

pc: kansas city mamas

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