Classes - Beautiful Classes - Jam Making with Kari

We have already this Fall season served almost 100 people at our workshops and classes. Come and join us at the farm for either a cooking class or a gardening class.  Our September classes are wonderful!  When you attend one of our classes - Michael opens the farm larder up for some shopping - eggs, goats, milk, cheese, honey, specialty butters, local grass fed meats, our caramels and caramel sauce and other pantry items are a currently available. Herbs too!

Come join us this next Sunday at the farm for an afternoon of jam making with Kari. This class will cover the basics of jam and jelly making, address some food safety issues, the different home canning methods and of course - you'll make jam!  Register here for this class.

Next up on our food crafting agenda is slated for a delicious Thursday morning with Chef Eric on the 25th - Mother Sauces and Chicken Fabrication. Here's where you register for Mother Sauces and here's where you register for Chicken Fabrication.

Also on Thursday morning the 25th, Kari's set aside 2 hours to teach you how to design and Organic Kitchen Garden.  Register here.

Then at 10:15 on Thursday the 25th - Jill's going to teach you - it's a hands on class - The Best Way to plant seeds and transplants in the garden. She's got some special tips to share. 

Here's where you register for this workshop.

 This is Roman - one of our families little ones - loved helping us plant seeds!

This is Roman - one of our families little ones - loved helping us plant seeds!

Remember - you must register and pay in advance of all workshops and classes. If you don't use pay pal - and want to attend one of our classes - contact us via the Contact Form - to secure  your place in the class - and then pay with check or cash the day of your class. 

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