Dirt - Gardens - Seeds - Planning

This morning some of the "red tent crew" of women (Kris, Romane, Helen, Kathy, Lauri and new comer Beatrice) joined me in attacking/purging the French Garden and the Market Garden. I tend to not wear gloves and so you might imagine the condition of my hands right now. Well, here - I'll show you.

These areas are the first of EVERY garden space at the farm that will be uprooted, amended, prepped for planting - of which we are doing now. Kale, chard, mizuna, specialty lettuces, carrots, beets and more.

So, the main reason for this blog post is to encourage you to get your own gardens ready for fall planting NOW. If you don't have a garden going - we want to encourage you and help you. Kari has one of the valley's most informative classes on Fall Gardening and I would hate for you to miss out. You might not even be thinking of gardening at all - but let me challenge you -  - - if you have a little spot of ground - why not plant some lettuces and radishes? Just start with something and perhaps even join together and plant a garden with a neighbor? Start small - and this is the best season to do so. Here is the gardening class information. Click

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