The Herb Club - Want To Join?

Our farm is filled with pockets of beautiful - useful - herbs - culinary and medicinal ones - all beautiful and healing if not to the body - to the soul when you put your head into a luscious bush of marjoram. 

Herbs are invaluable to every garden and to every meal and to grace the center of every meal table.  We believe herbs and flowers are so wonderful that we have decided to expand our herb love and create several new gardens specifically to the attention of herbs and flowers.  The desire and design of these new transformed places is that  they would be gardens of inspiration, education and healing.

This is where you come in. Tami and Michele (the Herb Club Coordinators) invite you to join the farm's Herb Club and have a part in seeding, planting, nurture, cultivating, harvesting, drying, learning to make tinctures and perhaps even be part of a farm herb cook book.


1. You don't need to know anything about herbs.

2. You do need to commit to the Herb Club and come when the Herb Club is scheduled to meet. Sure, things come up - and everyone will understand - however . . .

3. You need to be willing to work - get your hands dirty and smile and enjoy getting to know and work along side the other club members.

4. You will learn a TON about herbs.

There will be an initial meeting scheduled to discuss and formulate the plan to find out when it works best for all who are interested. Is this you? Have you just been waiting to be part of a community of dirty hand folk and have little projects full of the fragrance of herbs as well as get out of you rut and do something out of the ordinary - like join an Herb Club when you know nothing about herbs?

Contact us here - specify your desire to come to the initial meeting. Upon receiving your request - your email will be forward to the team coordinators. It's easy! 

Oh, space for the Herb Club will be limited. 

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