We Love Farm Volunteers

Michael and I have never been so inundated with folks wanting to volunteer at our farm. Quite thrilling to say the least. Most say things like, "I just want to get my hands dirty."  Others say, "I really want to learn how to garden and think I could learn some things."

Volunteers are instructed to come prepared - close toed shoes, water bottle and if you have them - gloves. No DOGS and no kiddos under the age of 12 are accepted as volunteers - mainly because we work hard and sweat a lot and have so much to get done and most kiddos aren't used to what is required when we do our farm chores.

Joy puts volunteers in teams. There is a Sunday early morning team. A Monday morning team. A Tuesday morning team. A Wednesday morning team. And, a Thursday morning team.

IF you work two hours a month - we dub you as an official Farm Member for the month you work. For those thirty days - you get the benefit of our HSM (honor system market) presently in our farm library/farm store. Wednesday from 3-6 pm and Thursday from 9 am until 6 pm the market is open. You'll personally be instructed how it works and where to pay and how to write things down.

Besides detoxifying (aka sweating), having the HSM benefit, learning a TON about gardening and the operation at 9080, you'll make friends - amazing friends - new friends - friends with common interests.

Also - if you end up being a REGULAR farm volunteer - we up the dubbing to Farm Staff.  Farm Staff are very special people - they get to take a 20% discount off PRODUCE (only) - not vendor items. And, the other cool thing is that they are invited to our Farm Staff  Potluck at the farm to table in our orchard. Which, speaking of - we are scheduling one for September.

 Two super cool volunteers who are now called the farm's Compost Kings.

Two super cool volunteers who are now called the farm's Compost Kings.

So, if you are thinking about a good way to spend some time - come volunteer. Contact us here and then read this - what to know about our farm before you come.

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