Workshops and Classes

I've had a ton of email inquiries the past few weeks asking about the scheduling for our farm classes and workshops.

The upside is that there is a wonderful interest in the training/education piece of our 9080. Not only do we care about inspiring you to cook - with our The Craft of Cooking Classes - BUT - we have inspired at least 200 adults in the past year with workshops that help you take those steps to start your own back yard garden (containers, soil, watering, what to plant and how to plant, etc. etc. etc.), how to preserve your harvest (canning), how to raise back yard chickens and we've had several cheese making workshops, along with how to make vinegar, how to ferment your food and several wonderful workshops on making successful pie crusts and Indian food.

The downside is - is that we are in the processing of beginning to calendar workshops for our late summer series.  Hang in there - it's coming.

Here are a few:

The Craft of Cooking here.

Goats 101 here.

Basic Cheese Making here.

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