Classes - A Season To Cook

Last September (2013) we began our Simple Inspirations Workshop. Core to our heart was to inspire and educate you to grow your own food (at least to start and to do it with others), raise your own back yard chickens, maybe have a few goats for milk and to make cheese and to actually cook your own food.  Here's a list of all the workshops we have provided you (often repeated several times):

  • Watering Basics,
  • Lasagne Gardening,
  • Using Shady and Limited Sun Areas To Grow Vegetables,
  • Flowers and Herbs,
  • Your Back Yard Orchard,
  • Growing Herbs 101 and 102,
  • Container Gardening,
  • Raising Back Yard Chickens,
  • Basic Cheesemaking,
  • Advanced Cheesemaking,
  • Canning - Preserving the Harvest,
  • The Art of Fermentation,
  • Composting Basics,
  • How to Make Your Own Vinegar,
  • Natural Pest Control,
  • How to Feed and Fertilize Your Garden,
  • Taking The Mystery Out of Indian Cooking,
  • How to Make Amazing Pie Crusts,
  • Sun Oven Cooking,
  • How To Sprout and Why You Should,
  • Refreshing Your Garden and What To Plant Now,
  • Underground Garden - Growing Root Vegetables
  • Seeds or Transplants?
  • Mean Green Juicing Machine
  • Gifts In a Jar
  • Secrets to Growing Tasty Tomatoes
  • 5 Keys To Starting A Garden
  • Simple Soil Building Techniques
  • The Patio Farm - Growing In Containers
  • Preparing Your Warm Season Garden
  • Seed Saving - Starting Plants from Seeds
  • Chickens and Compost - They Go Together
  • Watering and Irrigation

As I type this list - I am so so pleased with all that has been offered to the community around our farm.  So so many of you have jumped in - learned - started your own gardens - come back - taken more workshops and even sent us pictures of your success. We are so very proud.

I mentioned here, Kari (our main farm/garden instructor) is taking a sabbatical to take care of her father.  At first, I panicked that there wouldn't be any workshops (Jill will still teach a few here and there) but I realized that what really needed to happen is a shift - a shift to "let's inspire you to cook" and take all those wonderful vegetables and herbs your are growing and experience new and wonderful meals (simple meals) out of them . . . "let's start gathering around the meal table" . . . and, "let's begin to reclaim the dignity of the meal table - as we gather around" . . . and now - two additions to our Thursday Le' Menu:

  • Simply Nourishing Meals in a take home box (where Shelly and Hayley of Nourished have used their culinary skills to craft special/simple/nourishing meals, create the recipe and have 80% of the ingredients in the SNM boxes on Thursday).   Here's one - and here's one - and here's one and here's a fun video clip.
  • The Craft of Cooking with Chef Eric (I wrote about this here.) 

So - simple cooking - will be this next season focus point at the farm. 

 The first  The Craft of Cooking Class.

The first  The Craft of Cooking Class.

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