For Those Of You Who Can't Shop Our Thursday Market

Since the beginning of The Simple Farm - we've tossed around the idea of starting farm share baskets known as CSA shares.  Friday, I pulled all the notes and forms we'd created to institute our farm's CSA and launched this long awaited for piece of our farm. 

We know so many of our friends and community around us just can't make it to a Thursday morning market and many just can't become a Farm Member (volunteering 2 hours per month on a Farm Team) to get that "other than Thursday market" access - SO - we decided it's time to broaden the beauty of our farm and the goodness that grows here by sharing it with CSA members.

What's a CSA?  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  It's a community of people who subscribe to the farm's share baskets - pay up front - to receive weekly (for 8 weeks) produce directly from the farm.

Interested? Click HERE to become a member of The Simple Farm CSA

Our farm's CSA starts June 4th - goes for 8 weeks - we harvest from our farm on Wednesday mornings, fill your farm share basket ( 7 - 8 items and NO you don't get to choose what we put in your basket - it's a fair share from our harvest - this link explains how it works) with in season vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruit (when we have it - like right now we are just picking figs and apples will soon be ready and more peaches) and eggs (as the girls produce). 

You pick up YOUR farm share basket at OUR farm on Wednesdays between 3 - 6 at the Farm Workshop Patio - AND at that time IF you want add-ons - we'll be glad to add them to your farm share basket and collect the money for the add-ons then.

ADD-ons can be things like Crow's Dairy Goat Cheese, Nourished Butters, Grano de Vida Breads, Local honey, Sea Salt Caramels, Beehive Chocolates (when available) AND J Holbrook Grass Fed Beef, Lamb and eventually chicken.

If you can't pick up your farm share basket - then designate someone else to pick it up for you. If it's not picked up by 6 pm - we donate it to charity.

More details are on this link.

One more thing - we are taking a LIMITED subscription for members for this Early Summer Season.

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