The Challenge: Shopping the Market - Without Your List

About six years ago, I spent part of a delightful summer in Basque Country (Spain and France). Of all the beautiful memories of the places, shops, people, food - today, what sticks most in my mind are the farmer's markets.  Perhaps, it's because - I've become a farmer - a goat herder - a cheese maker (sorta) and a confectioner.  Perhaps, it's because in the past six years - my idea of food - cooking - preparing - has radically been altered.  Perhaps, because I have learned the value of eating what's in season (cause we grow it, of course).

Besides the beautiful variety of produce growers, cheese and bread artisans, the charcuterie,  chocolate makers and confectioners, the pastry baker and the fishmonger - all fresh, all local and all in one place - something else impressed me - NOT one shopper had a list.   

It's as if making a "list" of what to buy - robs the cook of endless possiblities of creative opportunity - instead, the shopper gathered some of this and gathered some of that - took that fresh produce home - and created.

Within the past few months, I have heard three chefs say:    1. Keep it simple     2. Use no more than five ingredients in your dish     3. Be creative and enjoy.     4. Know where your food comes from.      5. Cook it yourself.   6. Throw your list away

So, here's the challenge - come to our Thursday market and get wildly creative with food. We will have ideas for you - our new Simply Nourishing Meals - in a box -  like here (this was Spring Sorrel Soup) and here (Baked egg in Artichoke) and here (Truffle Beet, Carrot, Chevre Stacks) and our The Craft of Cooking Class with Chef Eric Encinas - see here. **Next Class is - The Art of Making a Simple Farm Style Omelet. Registration with limited seating will be open Sunday evening. Go here for more info.

 To see more of my trip - click through the pictures below.

To see more of my trip - click through the pictures below.

Click on pictures for my Basque Country Market Gallery.