Looking Forward to 2015

The turn of the corner - to a new year - is always exciting to me. It's like a clean slate, fresh start, new beginnings and opportunity to change and explore and create and to become.

**Warning up front. :-)

For us - the new year will bring a few sweet organic changes.  Here are some farm changes:

CSA Model

We have a farm CSA model focus. We LOVE our CSA members. There's still a few slots open for new members and the first pick up on January 15th. Interested in CSA? Read all about it HERE.

Goat Milk Caramels

Besides our CSA farm model - our main focus will be on our goat dairy and on our amazing caramels.  We are launching a NEW goat milk caramel website to accommodate the growth of our caramel business. We're excited about the new lookm the story we will tell and new products we will add to our shop that have everything to do with goats.

Goat Dairy Apprentice/Intern

The people that volunteer at our farm are INCREDIBLE. That word doesn't even communicate how we feel and the thanks that flows from our hearts to each and everyone that has gotten dirty at our farm. We couldn't do this without you.

For a year, we've contemplated the need for someone who will live here - work here and end up assisting us specifically with our goat dairy.

So here goes .. . We are now taking applications for a live in apprentice position that would combine farm and goat dairy duties. This position would begin as early as February 2015 and end in May 2015 with the possibility of an extended stay through the middle of July. 

This position requires approximately 20 hours per work.*** There is no salary, but room and board (a private trailer with shower/bathroom facilities in our library) is provided along with a small stipend.

What is Required
This position requires one who foremost has an amazing attitude, is willing to learn and work hard, is attentive to detail and not afraid to get very dirty. 

A person who is not punctual, or patient or with a teachable spirit does not need to apply. If you have a weak back - don’t apply.  

You will be filling an important position at our farm - our goats are our business - we care for and protect them fiercely. Without healthy goats and their amazing milk - our business shuts down.

This person must be able to work without supervision and be able to complete tasks as instructed.  The person we choose to live in community with us - here at our farm - in the provided for trailer - will be required to be fully responsible for our dairy goat herd when we are away - up to two weeks at a time. ***

Interested in more? Email us here. Place Goat Dairy Intern in the subject line.

 Our family meal table.

Our family meal table.

Workshops and Classes

We are growers, we cook and eat (mostly) at home and we gather. Gathering and connecting with others around our table - whether eating a small bite, tasting cheese or sipping coffee is something we value. Food, ultimately connects us with each other and God.

For the past two years we have sought to encourage, inspire and offer instruction in a few basic life skills: grow a bit of food, raise some livestock (chickens/goats) and cook at home.  Most Thursdays and some Sundays the  like-minded educators we have chose would faithfully taught these basic life skills. Because we are feeling the need to regroup and refocus we are placing a pause on our weekly education piece at the farm. We will, however, post periodic class offerings on the website.

Special Farm Events

Opening our farm for things like special adult events such as corporate team building, surprise engagements, family portraits, farm to table activities and things like this are something we intend to expand upon. We believe our farm has something unique to offer - not only our convenient location in Scottsdale, but the beauty and ambiance of every garden space and our goats as a backdrop make for something special.

Triple A Insurance company asked us to design a special farm team building experience for them. We did. It was awesome. The story is here.

Will phoned and told me his story about the love of his life, Dani and how he saw all our Instagram pictures and just knew our farm was the perfect place for his surprise proposal. The story is here.

Tracy, from Visits PC (in Florida) found our farm on the web and decided to reserve farm space for a venue of hospitality businesses. We worked with her and  Santa Barbara Catering to design a special farm experience for all the guests. Included in the farm experience was a cheese-making workshop/experience by Gretchen.

I know this was a long post - thanks for bearing with us...and mostly - thanks for all your amazing support! Happy New Year!

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