2 Educational Workshops - Garden Design and Raising Chickens

Thursday - October 9th at 9 am - Garden Design

Where you place your garden and how you prepare it can make or break gardening success.  In this hands-on class, we will discover the garden's needs and how strategic placement makes gardening easier and more abundant.  We will also learn the best ways to prepare a garden for long-term productivity.  Bring a simple, hand drawn map of your yard or a printout of your property from Google Maps for personal design consultation. 

This garden class is about 2 hours - the seating is limited and the fee is $65. Register and pay online here.

Raising Chickens - Sunday the 12th at 1:30 pm

Can you picture yourself collecting deliciously fresh eggs every day from your very own chickens?

Learn how easy it is to keep a small flock of laying hens in your backyard. We will cover all of the essentials, from choosing the right breed and raising chicks to the basics of housing, food, medical needs and training (yes, they can be taught!)

We will also discuss how to creatively incorporate chickens into your garden or landscape plan, capitalizing on their abilities to till and fertilize the soil, as well as to eliminate pests. In addition to all their practical benefits, chickens make great pets and their behaviors are worth hours of amusement. Chicken keeping is fun, easy and very rewarding!

Interested in raising meat birds? We will touch on raising boilers, turkeys and quail, too! This class is just about 1.5 hours and the fee is $50.00.  Register and pay online here.

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