CSA - Market Style - Ready, Set, Go

I have spent pretty much ALL day - going through our CSA contracts and web page instructions and pdf files for you to download and print off.

I spend pretty much the past two days - wracking my brain as to how to get this started - and I came up with a pretty cool system - I think.

I know - there will be (hopefully not) some 'mis-communication' - but I am asking that you take your time and read - and re-read all the information that is here. It's real possible that should you have a question - that it might not get answered within the next 48 hours. . .

One thing more - all our produce has started off looking amazing. We pray it continues that way. We have battled rabbits, gophers and big black birds and those naughty moths - and we keep encouraged in the battle - to provide you - our CSA subscribers our best.

HERE is your starting place. IMPORTANT reading is the FAQ page.

lylah lednerComment