Today is Tuesday So That Means . . .

. . . you have another day to think about registering for one of our two of our workshops: Grow Your Own Food, Raise Your Own Food and Prepare Your Own Food.  Do, take a look at our workshop schedule - we've made a few changes to days/times that we think will make some of these popular workshops more accessible.  Go HERE for our workshop schedule and list.

. . . you also have another day to think about the foods you will prepare as you plan to "gather around" at your meal table. We'll have beets, turnips, greens, onions, potatoes, specialty butters and breads, honey, herbs, winter squash,  broccoli, radishes and more.


. . . you have another day to think about just who you will gather around your table. Family, friends, those in need of conversation, connectedness, community?  Do you know that there is something magical and beautiful when you gather around the table and linger and listen (no phones allowed). It's powerful.

lylah lednerComment