I'm on a mission. My mission is to encourage everyone I meet to grow their own food, raise their own food and prepare their own food. It's thrilling to have Thursday morning market conversation with like minded women. Today, I had one of those with Kate's mom Mary.  After I went through some of my spiel, I knew by the shaking of her head, that she and I were on the same "page" in realizing that this issue of food, growing it personally and preparation is vital - probably more vital than we think.

It's one thing to "be on a mission" and it's another to provide steps to accomplish the "mission" - mine being encouraging and inspiring EVERYONE to grow food/raise food/prepare food. 

Those steps we provide take place in a few ways. One way is that on Thursdays we open our working farm up to the public where you not only can SHOP and buy our produce/herbs/honey/goat's milk/caramels/breads/butters and flowers, but you can SEE how we grow your food, how we house our chickens, and how we pasture our goats. You can walk around - look at our raised beds, see our soil, see our amendments - and you can actually chat with us and our farm team. 

Opening up our farm gates is purposed to help you - soak up some sun, experience a sort of a peaceful place, sip coffee, smell the dirt, see and taste how wonderful dandelions are and sample my favorite spinach and French sorrel and watch five little boys play in the dirt by the tractor. It's purposed to inspire and encourage.

The other way that we provide are with our workshops - every kind of workshop we can possibly think of to encourage and inspire you to Grow, Raise and Prepare - your own food.  Here is the workshop schedule. 

If you have been thinking about that garden, or having a few back yard chickens or wondered what all this "fermentation" craze is - register today for a workshop.  We truly truly want everyone who possibly can - to Grow, Raise and Prepare their own food.

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