Joy's Farm Girls Team (guys too!)

Months ago Joy showed up one day at the farm because she was in dire need of raw goats milk. It was a day we were doing field work - thus not opened. When I heard Joy's story, and why she was so desperate for the raw milk, of course, I opened the market and let her purchase Crow's Dairy milk. 

From that day on, Joy's worked/volunteered . . . trimming trees, planting seeds, digging bermuda grass, pulling weeds, harvesting for the market, digging more bermuda and organizing a small group of women (and men) who are looking for something to do....and have more purpose in life.


Joy fares from Wyoming and dirt, seeds, people, growing things, and serving are her 'thing.'   She's always looking for extra hands willing to get dirty.  Every woman and man that connects with Joy finds her to be one of the most gentle, loving women .....who will teach to garden....while working our farm.

Interested? Go to our farm contact for HERE - put in the subject line: Joy's Farm Team and then in the body....tell us your name and your phone number where Joy can contact you.

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