What Is Fermenting All About, Anyway

A few weeks ago, I was listening to NPR and the subject was food and fermentation.  "Fermentation is one of the oldest methods of preserving foods. How does acid affect sausage and cheese? What role do microbes play in determining texture and flavor? We'll discuss the science behind these fermented foods."

Well, we're into food and fermentation at the farm. We've done some pickling, taught you how to make apple cider vinegar, held 3 cheese-making workshops (yup, that's a fermentation process-).

 Dr. John's recent good stuff  

Dr. John's recent good stuff

We've taught you how to pickle, how to make apple cider vinegar, how to make cheese and we've got some other fermentation workshop next year we're planning - how to make kefir and kombucha - but we decided this workshop on The Art of Fermentation is the most important one to end with this year. 

 Simple and beautiful!

Simple and beautiful!

You'll learn

1. Intro and benefits of fermented vegetables

2. Keys to success: (sterilization, clean water, celtic sea salt, whey, culture starter)

3. Demonstration of fermentation process AND because this is a hands on workshop - you'll actually be making your own jars of pure goodness to take home!

So, go here, register, copy the list of what you need to bring and we'll see you on Sunday, December 8th. Oh, bring a friend!

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