So, What Do These Have In Common? Herbs, Vinegar, Gardening

If you guessed this Thursday mornings workshops, you are so right!  We've been asked to offer our popular Beginning Gardening, Herbs 101 and Herbs 201 Workshops for another round. We're adding The Art of Homemade Vinegar in the mix too because giving a gift from your own kitchen is the best!

Gonna be a busy Thursday - the market, and workshops - can't get sweeter. 

So, plan your Thursday - shop the market first - from 8:30 until 9 am - grab a cup of coffee then head on over to the farm patio or the farm arbor for the workshop you'd like to take. If you'd like to just grab a basket, fill it with your produce and take it with you to your workshop - and pay afterwards - that's just fine. We really really really want you to be inspired to:


Grow Your Own Food

Raise Your Own Food (back yard chickens/goats) 

Prepare Your Own Food (gather the family, friends and anyone around your meal table) 


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