Simply Domestic: New Inspiring Workshops and More Gardening Workshops

Homemade jam gifts in festive jars are always appreciated and a great way to show you care.  This workshop will show you how to make a delicious spoonable strawberry and cranberry jam which can double as a fruity topping for waffles or ice cream, or tuck a jar in a gift basket with some homemade scones for a holiday treat.  

Go check out all the workshops offered AND we're going to be posting how to give some Simple Inspiration Gift Certificates as gifts this season!

The Art of Fermenting - one of the best things you can do/understand how to do for your food...bringing those amazing cultures in to aid your gut!

How many pie crusts have you been so disappointed over? Way to many on my end.  So excited to introduce you to the newest member to the Team of Inspiring Domestics!


Check out ALL the new workshops and all the gardening workshops being repeated by popular demand! Go HERE.

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