Good Food Awards - We Are Finalists!!!!

It's been one year since Michael and I began our salted goat milk caramel making adventure. In September, we had this random crazy idea - "Why not send samples of our caramels into the Good Food Award competition?"  You never no if you never do anything, right?

So, a few weeks ago, my phone rang with a call coming from San Francisco. I wasn't going to answer the call as in that moment, I was in the midst of making caramels. But, Michael said, "Answer it  . . . answer it!" I did.  

"Hello, this is Tessa from the Good Food Awards in San Francisco and we're wondering if you received our email?"  

Me: "No, what email?"  

Tessa: "Well, check your spam, because your caramels (blind tasting) have been selected as finalists for our competition."

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 5.57.23 PM.png

Here's what the email confirmation said. . . .

We are thrilled to inform you that you have been named a 2014 Good Food Awards Finalist. Congratulations, your entry has met all the responsible production criteria in addition to being a top scorer at the Blind Tasting amongst a pool of 1,450 entries. 

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