October Happenings: Workshops and Market Opening Day

Lately we've been doing a lot of hustling around the farm as we get ready to reopen Thursday mornings French market and cafe'. We're fluffing up beds, seeding a lot, planting starts, building new raised beds, breeding the girls, playing with new baby chickens, repurposing areas gardens around the farm and making and wrapping caramels like crazy as well as cooking up little jars of our famous goat milk caramel sauce.

Our workshop on farm/garden/livestock/the meal table have been delightfully well attended. We're thrilled with the interest in so many of you wanting to grow your own food. We truly want to help and support you and all those questions get answered - at these wonderful and informative workshops. Keep registering and keep learning and keep growing! 


Have you seen the offerings for this weeks workshops?  

Thursday - 9 am - Growing Herbs 101....a fantastic workshop!

Thursday - 10 am - How To Grow A Garden In Shady Areas - so many want to know this!

Sunday - 1:30 pm - Beginning Gardening. We understand many of you that work are not able to join us on Thursdays and so this is for you! 

Sunday - 3:30 pm - Basic Cheesemaking - I'm thrilled for you to meet my goat lady friend Annabelle - she's been working her delicious goat's milk into cheese for the past 6 years. You're going to love her accent and her zest! 



Besides Crow's Dairy goat cheese, Nourished butters, ghee and bone broth, and Grano de Vida (amazing breads we've all missed) and local honey and tons of bundles of herbs, we'll have baskets of winter squash, gold potatoes, yellow onions, sweet potatoes, red potatoes, wild arugula, some specialty French lettuces, some swiss chard, possibly some kale, French breakfast radishes, Malibar spinach, peppers of all kinds, eggplant, okra and pumpkins and apples and it looks figs are coming in again for round two! It's truly a lovely start to my favorite season.

We will also have our caramels and caramel sauce as well as some of my farm made jam, apple butter, spiced apples, fig and cherry conserve and mint apple jelly. . . perfect on Carol's ciabatta or toasted sprouted wheat bread.


Broccoli, French sorrel, lovely lettuces, swiss chard, beets, dragon carrots, arugula, mizuna, kale, spinach, mustard greens, cabbage are all of the things planted and in the ground and starting to pop up.  


Thursday morning, October 17th at 8:30 until noon our French market and cafe will reopen. Remember, ONE day only. We have two check out areas - there will be volunteers around to assist you if you are new. Venous is our farm hostess and she will be there to greet you and help you. 

We are a self-serve market - you bag it, weigh it and write down what you purchase at a check out center. Don't worry - someone will direct you.  

We take credit card, love checks and cash. We will also provide you with change if you need it. It's possible that our farm and market will be crowded - so please be aware of children and other people as you drive in and park. 

We will be closing the market and farm the end of December for two weeks.  



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