Bringing Your Children To The Farm

It's like music to our ears when a mom asks to know what are the "farm rules" for children so she can give give her kiddos advance instruction of a Thursday morning visit to our farm and market. 


So - here are the "farm rules" to you can give your children. 

 #1. Look first and ask to touch. We want the farm to be educational for all children, but everything we grow is food/herbs/flowers/fruit and all that we grow is the way we pay our family and farm bills.

#2 No running. There are hoses and rocks and uneven ground and we'd sure not want a kiddo to trip and fall.  Some people walk slow and cautiously and we don't want them to get tripped or lose their balance by a child running. 

#3 We'd prefer no outside food - BUT we understand that sometimes a kiddo needs a little snack. If that is the case - all food must be eaten at the French Cafe area OR better yet - over at the picnic table along the West Wall Garden. All snack papers and stuff must be taken home with you and put in your garbage can.  

#4 Do NOT feed our animals. They're on special diets.  

#5 No - no one is allowed into our chicken yards/goat yards. There are little blue chairs along the fence where that Goaty Girls live and it's a perfect place to watch how fun goats are. 

#6 Don't throw rocks or dirt. That might hurt someone or get in an animal or persons eye. 

#7 Obey the voice of your mom. Listen to your mom/dad's instruction at the farm. 

#8 All children need to remain with an adult and be supervised.  

#9 Stay on all paths - please don't walk into garden areas. We have food/herbs/flowers growing everywhere.  

#10 Be respectful and mindful of people, plants and animals. And, leave your own animals at home. 




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