Goat Babies

Breeding season is always a time of beautiful anticipation for Michael and I. We're always checking the girls back sides and watching their behavior to see who is in heat. This year two girls came in heat the beginning of September on the same days (not uncommon) and the other two girls came in heat the next week on the same days.  

Michael's in charge of opening gates to let a girl in for a date. Date they did. 

After breeding and marking the calendar the watch continues. We specifically are looking for that 18 day to 21 day mark to see if anyone has come back into heat. From what we could tell - none of the 4 girls we bred did. 

About 8 weeks later - we make an appointment with Elena to come to the farm with her little suitcase. She's an ultrasound tech and she visits many of us crazy goat people carrying that little suitcase. 

This Wednesday, she'll stop by and we'll bring each girl into the milk room - give a bit of grain as she works the magic on their under bellies to see IF their are babies and HOW many. I get so giddy.

So - let's guess together - How many babies for Miss Storm? Miss Lavender? Miss Karrie (who actually looked large in the belly today)? Miss Nancy (who delivered triplets last year).  It looks like Miss Plum gets be milked through this year. We need her milk to continue to make our caramels! 

Here's last years ultra sound.  


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