farm life - saturday reflections

It's Saturday and a good day to reflect on the week and to give thanks.

As Michael and I sat in the courtyard this morning drinking a bit of coffee we realized just how thankful we are to get to be in the middle of Scottsdale suburbia - live on a little goat dairy, grow vegetables, herbs and flowers and develop relationship with some of the most wonderful  people who flow into our lives and offer their support. 

This week, some of these wonderful people fluffed raised beds, others (full time homemakers) learned exactly how to plant carrot seeds, turn hard soil with a spade (who needs the gym?) and have a heart connection to one of the most hard working (older) women I know named Joy. 

Two other wonderful women arrived. . . more unsuspecting homemakers thinking they'd be served up some coffee and breakfast breads - but instead - were handed a tray of transplants, a trowel and soil amendments.  They experienced, first hand, how there are no empty - idle hands at our farm. Nope.  There's work to be done. We work and chat. They assisted Jill in fluffing up and planting in the Pine Tree Garden.

SIDE NOTE: We have a farm rule.  #1 If you're here (not on a market morning) more than 5 minutes - chatting - we put to you work with a farm chore. 

We're thankful for the men who moved a chicken coop, repaired market doors, helped build the little Pumpkin Patch pallet fence and clean in and around the market.

Michael and I are also thankful for our workshop instructors - Kari Spencer, Hal and Jill Green, Annabelle Patterson, Bobbie Roth, Vicky Mayo and her beautiful mother. Each heart has offered a wonderful gift...their love, their experience, their knowledge and the passion for others to be inspired for the garden/the farmyard/the table. Truly amazing people. 

Oddly enough, we're  thankful that what we're doing here at 9080 is an inspiration to others to step out and begin to grow food - herbs - raise a few backyard chickens and EVEN begin to think about a few sweet little dairy goats.  

Kim and Karrie - new farm volunteers. 

We're so thankful our French cafe and morning market begins THIS Thursday and VERY thankful Carol Frith with Grano de Vida and all her breads will be back!   What are you thankful for?

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